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Our Approach
  • Devil Mountain Investment Management employs a strategy of financial planning unique to each client with the goal of providing long-term wealth creation and preservation.

  • This strategy is accomplished through the use of ETFs, Index Funds and Tax Advantaged funds/ETFs.


  • It is our philosophy to be a risk averse and proactive investment manager with the ability to adjust investment mix and selection as needed based on market conditions and global macroeconomic events.


  • We will create diversified, personal portfolios across regions, demand cycles and industry groups. Investments in fixed income products will focus on ETFs, bond funds and CD’s rather than individual corporate or government bonds, as they are more liquid and more diversified.


  • All accounts are managed on a non-discretionary basis. The process is consultative through which investment ideas, strategies and long term plans are discussed prior to purchase or sale of securities.

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